Contemporary Artist


Photo by Mandy Mohler

Photo by Mandy Mohler


I use the action of painting and color to exersize inner dialog into movement. Movement that can be seen and felt. Movement that changes the space it inhabits. I look for the hidden and internalized through obvious marks. Other times I simply move nonsensical structures around a surface with impulse and trust.

I find my best work is through improvisation. A resourcefulness that leads to invention. I use organic shapes, symbols or simple mark making to discharge energy and ideas. My art is never about one thing. Often a theme is generated but my work expresses how most events in life are made up of many. I'm drawn to these ideas and the marks that surface in my work. I’ts my intention to create space for efforting and problem solving. A dance of physical and mental imagery. A kind of primary for the developement of confidence and an activation of personal assertions. My goal is to reveal the essence of these ideas and include the viewer in my assertions and offer new possibilities.