Contemporary Artist
Albatross 36x36  $1,945.

Hierarchy Of Needs

Albatross 36x36  $1,945.

Albatross 36x36 $1,945.

Dandilion 1968 (self portrait) 48x36  $2,600.

Dandilion 1968 (self portrait) 48x36 $2,600.

Enfant Dreams 29"x33"  $1,435

Enfant Dreams 29"x33" $1,435

The Covet 48x36  $2,600.

The Covet 48x36 $2,600.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” -Carl Jung

Generations, Generating 48x36  $2,600.

Generations, Generating 48x36 $2,600.

 Inner Space 48x36  $2,600.

Inner Space 48x36 $2,600.

This series of work is meant to expose, express, extract, and dislodge those events we internalize, memories that lay dormant.

Bearing All Things 48x36  $2,600.

Bearing All Things 48x36 $2,600.

Mother 48x36  $2,600.

Mother 48x36 $2,600.

Just Your Love 24"x24"  $865.

Just Your Love 24"x24" $865.