Artist - Painter


2017 Ecce Gallery Exhibit - Bozeman Montana

2017 Ecce Gallery Exhibit - Bozeman Montana

I paint. I make art. I'm a witness to the transformation of ideas.  

I find my best work is through improvisation. A resourcefulness that limits overthinking. Being primarily self taught has been beneficial in the kind of art I choose to make. It has given me the opportunity to feel my way through making art and I like the results. I'm interested in composition and color and the immediate in the way the subconscious endeavors to be expressed. I work to create context through the process of merging nonsensical structures onto larger color fields, inviting what comes next. My goal is to subject the viewer to my assertions and offer new possibilities.     


Ecce Gallery, Bozeman Montana

Walkingman Gallery, Whitefish Montana

Stark Gallery, Whitefish Montana

Exhibit History-

2008- "Circles"   Walkingman Gallery, Whitefish MT.

2011- "Bones" (Colaborative with Artist Kerry Nagel)  Stillwater Gallery, Whitefish MT. 

2015-"Inspired Delineation"  Walkingman Gallery, Whitefish MT.

2015-" New Work"  Stark Gallery, Whitefish MT.

2016"Sister Paintings" Stark Gallery, Whitefish MT.

2016- Juried Auction  Missoula Art Museum, Missoula MT.

2017"First It's Mine, Then It's Yours"  Walkingman Gallery, Whitefish MT.

2017-"I Am A Place On This Earth"  Ecce Gallery, Bozeman MT.


1998- 2000 Flathead Valley Community College- Fine Arts Degree

2001/ 2003-2004 University Of Missoula - Fine Arts Degree/Major in Psychology/Minor in Dance