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Detail of "The Things We Forget" 


Olivia Stark was born in 1964 in Kalispell Montana and is a mixed media artist and painter. She has participated in group shows and several solo exhibits in both Whitefish and Bozeman Montana. She is primarily self taught in the style of work she prefers to make. Key themes in her work have centerd around impulse and self expression.  She is seeking Gallery representation.  


Artist Statement-

I paint what I need to see and so I go looking.

There is the moment when the surface is clean, open, full of possibilities. The body makes marks. The mind sees and responds. There is magic in affecting the outcome of a painting. Creating movement that changes the space it inhabits. This is me being here on this planet, in my body. These are my ideas. Created from everything I see and take into my psyche. I'm an over thinker, a chaser of every ball thrown my direction. Its when I paint that the thinker can rest. The body can move what remains though this process of abstraction.

I find my best work is through improvisation. A resourcefulness that leads to invention. I use organic shapes, symbols or simple mark making to experience something new. My art is about movement. Moving abstract objects and notions. I'm drawn to these objects that surface in my work and the need to create space for them. Creating space for effort and problem solving. A kind of primary for the developement of confidence and an activation of personal assertions. My goal is to reveal the essence of these objects and entities, include the viewer in my assertions and offer new possibilities. 


Ecce Gallery, Bozeman Montana

Walkingman Gallery, Whitefish Montana

Stark Gallery, Whitefish Montana

Exhibit History-

2008- "Circles"   Walkingman Gallery, Whitefish MT.

2011- "Bones" (Colaborative with Artist Kerry Nagel)  Stillwater Gallery, Whitefish MT. 

2015-"Inspired Delineation"  Walkingman Gallery, Whitefish MT.

2015-" New Work"  Stark Gallery, Whitefish MT.

2016"Sister Paintings" Stark Gallery, Whitefish MT.

2016- Juried Auction  Missoula Art Museum, Missoula MT.

2017"First It's Mine, Then It's Yours"  Walkingman Gallery, Whitefish MT.

2017-"I Am A Place On This Earth"  Ecce Gallery, Bozeman MT.


1998- 2000 Flathead Valley Community College- Fine Arts Degree

2001/ 2003-2004 University Of Missoula - Fine Arts Degree/Major in Psychology/Minor in Dance


Ecce Gallery-Bozeman 2017 "I Am A Place On This Earth"